I'm Twenty

Alhamdulillah Thanks Allah... Today i'm 20 years old.
Thanks for Mom, Dad, my friends and all people who give me a birthday greetings. Love you all :)

By the way, I'll announce the winners of #20MNDAGVWAY
i'm so sorry for being late to announce the winners. My internet connection is really really bad :(((
 Artwork from : M. Nasihin twitter account : @xinnosuke | #20MNDAGVWAYARTW
 Artwork from : Lutfi Zakaria twitter account : @Lutfizaka | #20MNDAGVWAYARTW
 Artwork from : Heru Prasetyo twitter account : @heruprst #20MNDAGVWAYARTW
 Photo Fashion from : Yusriani H twitter account : @Rhyusriani | #20MNDAGVWAYPHOCOM
 Photo Fashion from : Khulaila #20MNDAGVWAYPHOCOM
 Photo Fashion from : Rufaidah Izzatun twitter account : @Uffasutar | #20MNDAGVWAYPHOCOM
Artwork from : Rezky Hafis Y twitter account : @hafisme | #20MNDAGVWAYARTW
Artwork from : Aji Riyantani twitter account : @si_wel | #20MNDAGVWAYARTW
Artwork - Short Video from : Dinda Bestari twitter account : @dindaebess | #20MNDAGVWAYARTW

Artwork from : Arik Febri twitter account : @malindo_s | #20MNDAGVWAYARTW

Congratulation for all winners. I'll contact you via email and twitter, tomorrow. Now, i'm tired. Hehehe...
Buat kamu yang nggak menang, jangan kecewa ya ;)




Already making plans to celebrate New Year's Eve?
Or still confused?
Hahaha.... Same with me! 
Ah ya, yesterday I 've been hangout with my bestfriends. I wear a necklace from Juerii 
a triangle necklace's very awesome..
Thanks Juerii 

JUERII SHOP is a trusted virtual shop where you can find your fashionable accessories with affordable prices and good quality items ;)

twitter : @jueriishop
0881 524 7008 | pin BB : by request

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Urban Galaxy Space

Galaxy printed is very amazing! Do you love it?
I have some references to mix match galaxy skirt.
sheer top - galaxy skirt - galaxy ring - handbag - wedges ankle boots

Don't worry to mix match sheer top with galaxy skirt.
Select the color matching. For example, match the color of sheer top with your bag.
And match the colour of galaxy skirt with your shoes.
Complete with accessories, such as galaxy ring.

loose crop top - galaxy skirt - tights - heels boots - galaxy earrings
Hey! Maximize your look with heels boots. You look super stunning with loose crop top.
tips : Select a safe colors like a black.

white tank - denim vest - galaxy maxi skirt - handbag- high heels - bracelet - galaxy earrings
Make yourself like a queen in the middle of urban. Not look to much, dear.
If you have a galaxy maxi skirt, don't worry to match with denim vest. Nebula vs Urban? Super awesome!
Maximize with bracelet and earrings.
Finally, wear high heels to finesse your height. Hihihi....

I wear my new galaxy skirt from Fablepony Webhouse
And this is my urban style when i'm going to the music & arts events.
cut-out shoulder collar top | galaxy skirt - Fablepony | flatshoes

Btw, my hair is so bad. Because......ehmmmm..... RAIN!!! YES RAIN!! :(((

Fablepony Webhouse not only provide galaxy stuff. They have a complete collection about Rock ‘n Roll and Bohemian lifestyle.

Order via 081808717200 // Line: fablepony // Wechat: Fabpony

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