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Selasa, November 20, 2012

How are you, fellas? 

I am very busy for this month :(
I’ve made a flower crown. and I wear it.
D.I.Y Flower Crown
Hmmm.... Wear a flower crown, I felt like a little princess who was playing in prairie. Hihihi.....

Ah ... Suddenly, i felt anxious to go back to childhood. Being a child who only knows to play ... play ... and play ... Aaaaaa....... Very happy!

D.I.Y Flower Crown | Lace Dress - Cloth Inc

Hey! Stop dreaming!
IMPOSSIBLE to go back to childhood.

Ah yaa!! Thankyou Cloth Inc for the Lace Dress! I'm very gorgeous when i wear it! Because their collections is very cute.

I also tried to combine the lace dress with stuff that I had. Yes! Leather jacket!

Lace Dress - Cloth Inc | Leather Jacket | glasses | High Heels - Prada Milano

Cloth Inc 


Twitter : @cloth_inc
Facebook: Cloth Inc

See You On My Next Post!

With love,

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16 comment

  1. aahhh nice flower crown kak mandaa<3


  2. love the way you dress up in different look :) anyway we have same dress !
    thanks for dropping by.

    TWITTER /INSTAGRAM @putritanita

  3. that DIY hair crown is lovely and you look so cute like a little girl playing at some prairie :)

  4. cute :)
    how about following each other? lemme know

    sweet and sugars,

  5. Loving the pictures, my dear. All lovely :)


  6. nice style and nice blog you have here..:) and thanks for visiting my blog and left a comment there..:) i'm really happy..:)


  7. nice dress kak! kkk~
    suka dipadukan sama leather jacket itu..
    well, every one want to go back became children..

    visit my little cream button♥


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